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Scotland 2019 Hindi 720p 480p WEB-DL

Scotland 2019 Din 2022 Hindi Full Movie Download

Title: Scotland 2019 Din 2022 Hindi
IMDB Ratings: 4.3/10
Release date : September 23, 2019 (Canada)
Genres: Crime
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p 480p WEB-DL
Director: Manish Vatssalya
Writer : Piyush Priyank, Adam Saini
Stars: Adam Saini, Khushboo Purohit, Chetan Pandit


Scotland 2019 Din 2022 Hindi 720p 480p WEB-DL x264 Full Movie


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Movie Plot: A father receives the worst news imaginable: his daughter has been sexually assaulted and by four ruthless thugs. Making matters worse the guilty thugs are set free and acquitted by the courts due to insufficient evidence against them due to gross misconduct by corrupt officials. The grieving father decides to take justice into his own hands in a premeditated revenge plot that has a price of its own.

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