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Karma 2023 Gujarati 720p 480p pDVDRip

Karma 2023 Gujarati Full Movie Download

Title: Karma 2023 Gujarati
IMDB Ratings: 8.5/10
Release date : February 10, 2023 (India)
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Language: Gujarati
Quality: 720p 480p pDVDRip
Director: Subbu Iyer
Writers : Subbu Iyer, Chinmay Purohit
Stars: Brinda Trivedi, Chetan Dhanani, Anshul Trivedi


Karma 2023 Gujarati 720p 480p pDVDRip x264 Full Movie


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720p [965MB]

480p [392MB]

Movie Plot: Karma, never loses an address. A family in which husband-wife and daughter were living a happy life and suddenly how the deeds are done in the past by someone brings changes in their lives.

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